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Golden Sky Books helps authors publish books*.

"Dear Publisher:"

"Thank you for making this happen so quickly; I am extremely impressed with your customer service. It is outstanding in every way."
- Debra Yergen (US), author of: "Creating Job Security. Resource Guide"


" I received my books last night and I must say that I prefer your English version over my Italian. Thank you for everything, I'm very pleased with it."
- Tony Spada (Italy), author of: "Earth. The Last Dream"

"Dear Publisher, as a result of my positive experience in publishing with you in the recent past, I decided to submit another manuscript."
- Seymour Hoffman (Israel), author of: "Two Are Better Than One: Case Studies of Brief Effective Therapy"

How it works:

  • Golden Sky Books is an online network of professional, experienced freelancers in the publishing industry (editors, designers, publishers). It is an online book publishing application portal: Whether you are a writer of poetry or you have written a novel, short stories, or any other type of book, fiction or nonfiction, academic or journalistic—simply fill out our online forms, agree to our online terms and conditions, send us your manuscript, wait for our e-mail confirming the acceptance of your manuscript, pay our affordable one-time set-up fee by credit card or US-check, and three to five weeks later you will receive ten free copies of your book and can find your title listed on,,, and many other online booksellers' websites in various countries, and you can even tell your local bookstore to order copies, because your book will be made available to stores by major book wholesale companies in the US and the UK (Ingram and Baker&Taylor in the US, Bertrams and Gardners in the UK).

  • OUR SERVICES IN A NUTSHELL: • Book and (color) cover layout • ISBN numbers (paperback and eBook) • Library of Congress entry • digital printing (paperback) • distribution in the US, the UK and many other countries (online and local) • ten free copies • eBook distribution: Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android, Nok, Google Play Books, Sony,,etc.

  • Our service is fast, realiable, and affordable. Golden Sky Books will provide you with your private online section on our website, where you can follow the sales, and once or twice per year you will receive a royalty of 10% of the wholesale price of the book copies sold. (The wholesale price of a book is usually 45% of the book's list price.)

  • One year after the publication date, you can either continue selling your book through Golden Sky Books or cancel it and close your account with us at any time. If you wish to keep your book available through us, a low yearly administrative fee of $35 will apply.